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ADRA Connections Extreme
July 8 – 22, 2018

Mission to the Amazon

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The ADRA Connections Experience

Don't just take our word for it, people are talking about their own experiences on an ADRA Connections trip.

Give Me 5 – Carry-on Things

These are the 5 must have items to include in your carry-on to take with you on your next ADRA Connections trip!

ADRA Connections Extreme 2018

It's a life changing experience you don't want to miss! Join the ADRA Connections Trip in Brazil this 2018!

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I went. I am changed.

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“ADRA Connections means showing what mission is all about, and what helping and caring for other people is.”

- Qian

“The ADRA Connections trip was amazing! It was action-packed. Every day was different and there was always something new to learn.”

- Joshua

“I love to travel and I love new adventures that’s why I joined ADRA Connections.”

- Joanna

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From the Field

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6 Amazing Things in the Amazon

Wondering if this trip is for you? We’ve rounded up 6 of the most exciting things you’ll get to experience while you’re there.


Younis' Hope

Younis is a young man of only 19 years old. We meet him and his family in one of the camps for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in northern Iraq.


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